Saba Ruhee Jagirdar

Software Engineer

About Me

"DREAM is not the thing you see in sleep but is that thing that doesn't let you SLEEP!!!"
- APJ Abdul Kalam
I wish to create an impact with my lines of code.
I am Saba Ruhee, I have successfully completed my Masters in Computer Science degree from University of Texas at Arlington, with a perfect CGPA of 4.00 My previous experience working as Software Developer for Thomson Reuters has given me a real-time experience in developing and deploying small and large-scale dynamic websites. My expertise in Software Development with a blend of an enthusiastic learner will make me a prime candidate for any path that I take. As a diligent and passionate individual, I am committed to leaving no stone unturned in achieving my goals.


University of Texas at Arlington
Aug 2021- May 2023
Master's in Computer Science
Area of speciality: Software Engineering and Databases
CGPA: 4.00/4.00
Jain College of Engineering
Aug 2021- May 2023
Bachelor's in Computer Science & Engineering
CGPA: 3.75/4.00

Work Experience

University of Texas at Arlington
[Graduate Teaching Assistant] Jan 2022- May 2023
● Teaching Assistant for Computer Networks (CSE-5344), Special Topics in Networking.
● Designed assignments to demonstrate Wireshark, Multithreading and Socket programming.
● Conducted labs, organized and evaluated exam papers.
Thomson Reuters
[Software Engineer] May 2018 – July 2021
● Developed 10+ static websites, 50+ Landing Pages (LP) and 3 dynamic websites for clients.
● Created reusable code snippets that increased the development speed of Landing pages by 15%.
● Built a User Interface (UI) for client website, the redesign helped increase user traffic by 23%.
● Implemented customized login interfaces based on user role for convenient user operation.
● Developed RESTful API for dynamically loading data from one platform to another.
[Software Engineer Trainee] Aug 2017 – May 2018
● Worked on the front-end development of the official Website of DreamRunner.
● Created SWOT analysis forms to understand user behavior.
● Developed a text-based chat system for user queries that reduced turnaround time by 25%.


  • Programming Language: Python, Java, PHP
  • Database: MySQL, Redis
  • Web Technology: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS
  • Cloud: MS Azure, AWS
  • Others: Linux, API creation, Figma, Drupal8, GithHub, CI/CD(Jenkins), ServiceNow, Canva, Docker, Kubernetes


OneMart- One-stop solution for all purchases View Code

An application that facilitates on-campus stores to list their products/services on the platform, while allowing students to purchase from these stores. Further, it allows students to buy or sell used items from other students. Additional features include β€˜chat with agent’ to clarify queries, networking with peers through student clubs and posts.
Tech Stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, PHP

Share Securely Services by password hashing View Code

Application that allows users to securely share posts, images and videos in groups. Based on their privileges users can perform actions like upload, download, update and delete. Additionally, enhanced security by hashing password using Flask-Bcrypt.
Tech Stack: Python (Flask), Azure, Flask-Bcrypt, HTML, CSS

Art Gallery of Arlington that keeps record of all customers View Code

Designed and implemented a database application for an Online Art Gallery that kept track of customers, artists and their artwork.
Tech Stack: EER Diagram, MySql, Python, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

File Synchronize Management using Socket connection View Code

A distributed system that synchronizes data in folders, allows CRUD operations. Additionally provides ability to lock or unlock the files
TechStack: Distributed Systems, Socket Programming, Python, Multithreading

Weather Data Visualization View Code

Visualize large weather dataset using graphs and an analysis done on earth quakes based on the magnitude of quakes.
TechStack: Python, Flask, SQL, Azure, Google Charts

Natural Language Detector using NLTK View Code

An Apllication that processes large texts by cleaning the text that is done by removing the stopwords, trimming the spaces. Output the guessed language using NLTK (Natural Language ToolKit)